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30.03.2020 (00:00)

International Mine Action Centre squad completes humanitarian demining of Laos

Russian servicemen from the International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have completed joint tasks with members of the U-58 mine clearance team of the Laos People’s Army to search for and dispose of explosive ordnance near the Thongkhaihin airfield (Sienghuang province).

In the course of work from October 2019 to March 2020, Russian experts in the Lao territory of more than 10 hectares discovered and disposed of more than 830 explosive objects.

The cleared territory was handed over to the representatives of the National Committee for the Control of UXO in Lao People's Democratic Republic.

The Deputy Minister of Defence of Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lieutenant General Onsi Sensouk, took part in the celebrations dedicated to this event. He thanked the Russian engineers and presented them with Friendship medals.

The event ended with a symbolic detonation of explosive ordnance detected by Russian engineers.

A branch of the International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was deployed at the deployment site of Russian sappers on the territory of Laos, on the basis of which 20 Lao military personnel underwent theoretical training on Russian means of search and protection for the sapper, and also mastered their practical application on the ground together with Russian colleagues.

In addition, the transfer of the latest Russian means of searching for explosive objects and protecting a sapper (a portable induction mine detector, a deep metal detector, a blasting machine, and a camouflage set of personnel) took place to specialists of the engineering troops of the Lao People's Army.

This is the second mission of the Russian military personnel of the mine centre to the Lao People's Democratic Republic.  The Russian side intends to continue assisting Lao friends in clearing the territory of the country from unexploded ordnance.

In October last year, in order to implement the decision of the President of the Russian Federation – the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, a 34-person mine clearance unit of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Armed Forces was sent to the Lao People's Democratic Republic to assist in clearing the country's territory.

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