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20.04.2020 (16:12)

Military personnel and equipment participating in the training of the military parade on Red Square are being sent to the points of permanent deployment

In accordance with the decision to postpone the date of the military parade on May 9 on Red Square in Moscow, the departure of military units to the points of permanent deployment by road, rail and military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces was organized.

All vehicles, as well as trains involved in the transportation of personnel to permanent deployment points, are required to undergo multilevel processing with special decontamination to prevent the occurrence and spread of viral infections. All personnel are provided with personal protective equipment.

Upon arrival at the points of permanent deployment, all military personnel who took part in the training of the military parade will be quarantined for two weeks.

The military equipment involved in the training of the parade after maintenance has been left in storage at the combined arms units of the Western Military District.

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