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27.04.2020 (15:20)

Tankers of the Southern Military District are preparing for the all-army stage of the competitions "Tank biathlon" and "Suvorov Attack"

The best motorized skirmishers and tank crews are preparing for the all-army stage of the "Tank biathlon" and "Suvorov Attack" competitions of the Army International Games-2020 in the Volgograd region at the Prudboy range of the Southern Military District.

In mid-May, the strongest crews of T-72 tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles will fight for the right to represent the district at the all-army stage of the competition, which will be held in Chebarkul.

The crews of T-72 tanks and BMP-2 as part of platoons demonstrate mastership in handling the assigned standard equipment, compete in the speed of passing the distance and accuracy of hitting various targets from the armament of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, including shooting on the move.

A special feature of the "Suvorov Attack" competition is the performance of fire tasks together with mortar units. The program also includes the passage of the obstacles course: an escarpment, a slope, a fire strip, an anti-tank ditch with a passage, a model of a track-bridge.

During the" Individual race", the crews overcome a route of 7 km in length, and at the firing line hit targets imitating tanks and low-flying air targets at distances from 600 to 1800 m.

In the district stage of the competition "Tank biathlon", the crew of the tank commander, private Kamil Murzaliev 49 OA, did not make a single miss on targets and was ahead of all competitors in time.

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