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20.05.2020 (19:03)

In the interests of the engineering troops of the RF Armed Forces, new models of equipment are being developed

In the interests of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, new models of equipment are being developed.

Instead of the obsolete tank bridgelayers, work is underway to create an MTU-2020 tank bridgelayer. The capacity of the new bridge is increased to 60 tons.

Instead of the IMR-3M demolition engineering vehicle and the BAT-2 track layer, a universal armored engineering vehicle UBIM was developed and undergoes state tests on the components and assemblies of the T-72BZ tank. The machine is equipped with a combat module to defeat manpower and lightly armored enemy vehicles.

The development of new models will increase the mobility of units and reduce timelines to overcome damage and obstacles, as well as improve the mechanization of excavation.

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