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20.07.2020 (12:05)

A large-scale tactical exercise has begun at the Tsugol EMD training ground

Military personnel of two motorized rifle units of combined arms formations of the Eastern Military District (EMD), stationed in the Transbaikal territory and the Republic of Buryatia, take part in a large-scale bilateral tactical exercise with live firing, which began on July 20 at the Tsugol range.

More than 4,000 military personnel take part in the exercise, involving more than 600 units of military equipment, including BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, T-72BZ tanks, BM-21 "Grad" rocket launchers, "Konkurs" anti-tank complexes, "Msta-B" towed howitzers, "Orlan-10" and "Eleron-3" unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as more than 25 aircraft and other military equipment.

According to the plan of the exercise, one of the formations will act as an offensive mock enemy, and the other will be on the defensive.

During the active phase of the exercises the soldiers stepping up the river Onon, as the bottom of the reservoir tanks, and a special ferry and will also work for mobile defense targets with stage of firing in the daytime and at night, will counter with capture best bridgeheads.

In addition, as part of the exercise, the military personnel will perform live firing with high-precision artillery ammunition "Krasnopol" and will counteract the "enemy" drones.

Motorized Rifle Troops , Eastern Military District
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