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06.10.2020 (09:35)

Artillery men of the marine corps of the Caspian flotilla used the "Strelets" complex during an exercise in Dagestan

An advanced reconnaissance point (ARP) of the artillery units of the marine corps of the Caspian flotilla (CF), during the exercise at the Adanak mountain range in Dagestan, used a complex of intelligence, control and communications "Strelets".

According to the plan of the exercise, the personnel of the ARP, while conducting reconnaissance operations, discovered with the help of optical devices the camouflaged, armored equipment of the mock enemy. The military personnel of the reconnaissance point, equipped with the "Strelets" missile system, used a laser rangefinder from its set to determined the coordinates of the target and transmitted them automatically to the receiving device to the commander of the artillery unit.

Further, as part of the exercise, the gun crews of 122-mm D-30 howitzers fulfilled the standards for preparing for firing. After receiving the command to open fire, the artillery units fired high-explosive shells from closed firing positions. As a result, the target positions that imitated the mock enemy were hit. It is important to note that when performing episodes of the exercise, the military personnel demonstrated in practice the effectiveness of using the "Strelets" missile system in modern combat conditions.

In total, more than 200 military personnel of marine artillery units, about 40 units of combat and special equipment, as well as more than 10 artillery pieces were involved in the exercises.

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