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13.11.2020 (12:30)

Servicemen of NBC Protection Troops continue providing safety of activities in Usolie-Sibirskoye during their professional holiday

The servicemen of the integrated detachment of the Ministry of Defence that had arrived in Usolie-Sibirskoye (Irkutsk region) for executing the activities designed to eliminate the threats of environmental pollution in the territory of 'Usoliekhimprom' industrial entity continue providing chemical safety of the ongoing activities even during their professional holiday.

The Day of the NBC Protection Troops is celebrated on November 13 every year according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 13 November 2006 'About the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Russian Federation Armed Forces'.

The modern NBC Protection Troops trace their history back to 13 November 1918 when the Revolutionary Military Council issued the order № 220 that established the Chemical Service of the Red Army.

Nowadays the NBC Protection Troops include capable units that form part of military districts, units of arms and branches, units and directly subordinated organisations including military scientific organisations and training units.

The troops are tasked with detecting and estimating NBC situation, decontamination of troops, terrain, roads and constructions, using aerosol for camouflage, flame-throwing incendiary munition weapons for eliminating an enemy.

Moreover, the NBC Protection Troops develop as dual-purpose troops capable of operating during both wartime and peacetime while eliminating the consequences of technical and environmental disasters at chemically or biologically hazardous industrial entities.

On behalf of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, the NBC Protection units of the Ministry of Defence of Russia are involved in providing assistance to eliminate the threat of environmental pollution in Usolie-Sibirskoye.

The integrated detachment of the Ministry of Defence arrived in Usolie-Sibirskoye on August 10. During the three months of executing the activities the servicemen have provided the safety of pumping more than 100 tons of toxic chemical substances from 17 of damaged containers. They have washed down more than 36 thousand tons of reinforced concrete structures of mercury cell workshop and dropped more than 260 water screens during its dismantlement.

At the moment the servicemen continue operating to provide the chemical safety of the activities at the damaged wells of a chemical waste underground vault, as well as execute a continuous monitoring of the chemical situation in the territory of the industrial entity and sampling soil, water and air for its subsequent study in the certified laboratory of the Scientific Centre of NBC Protection Troops.

Press Service of the Central Military District
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops , Central Military District
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