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24.03.2021 (16:33)

The Moscow region will host the district stage of the competition for field training Masters of Artillery Fire

The district stage of the competition of artillery crews of the Western Military District Masters of Artillery Fire will be held in the Moscow region. This competition is the qualifying stage of the Games-2021.

More than 5 teams with a total number of more than 100 people participate in this stage. It is the competition of artillery batteries for the accuracy of performing firing tasks. Participants will demonstrate driving Ural vehicles during the day and at night, overcoming natural and artificial obstacles, shooting from a specially prepared trench at targets with 2S12A mortar, PKT, as well as RPG-7B grenade launchers and AK-74 assault rifles. To defeat the target, each team is allocated three mines.

The winners of the district stage, the best mortar crews, will take part in the all-Russian competitions of gunners, which will be held in the city of Saratov on the basis of the training center for combat training of rocket troops and artillery.

Press Service of the Western Military District
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