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Signal Communications Troops

The Signal Communications Troops are special troops designed for deployment of communications systems and support of control over associations, formations and subdivisions of the Land Force in peacetime and wartime. They are also assigned for the tasks of operating systems and automation equipment at command posts.

Signal Communications Troops include the main and line formations and units, units of technical support of signal communications and automated control systems, signal communications security services, postal-and-courier communications services, and others.

Modern Signal Communications Troops are equipped with mobile, highly reliable radio relay, tropospheric, space stations, high-frequency telephony equipment, tone telegraphy, television and photographic equipment, switching equipment and special equipment of classifying messages.

The main developing direction of the Signal Communications Troops is equipping the Land Force with means and complexes of signal communications, as well as automated systems for control of troops and weapons, providing steady, continuous, rapid and secretive control over associations, formations and subdivisions in peacetime, period of threat and during conducting hostilities under the toughest physical-geographic and climatic conditions. Particular attention is given to introduction of an integrated system of control over troops and weapons of the tactical level and equipping troops with digital signal communications means providing secure, jam-resistant mode of exchange of information from the individual serviceman to the formation’s commander.

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