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Motorised Rifle Troops

The Motorised Rifle Troops are the most numerous Arm of the Service, which forms the basis of the Land Force and the core of its combat orders. Along with the Tank Troops they perform the following tasks:

in defence – to retain occupied areas, lines and positions, to repulse the enemy’s attacks and defeat its attacking groups;
in offence (counterattack) – to break through the enemy's defence, to destroy factions of its troops, to capture important areas, lines and objects, to cross water obstacles, to persecute the retreating enemy;
in meeting engagements and fights – to act being a part of sea and airborne assault tactical landings.

The basis of the Motorised Rifle Troops is represented by motorised rifle brigades with high operational autonomy, versatility and firepower. They are able to conduct combat operations under application of both conventional warfare and weapons of mass destruction in different physical-geographic and climatic conditions, day and night.

Motorised formations and subdivisions can quickly perform marches over long distances, rapidly deploy into combat orders, break through the enemy's defences prepared and hastily taken by it, implement a wide manoeuvre in the battlefield, develop offensive at high rates and into significant depth, force water barriers, strengthen and retain the lines captured, create stable defence as soon as possible.

The important direction in development of the Motorised Rifle Troops is to increase their adaptability to airlifting and opportunities for conducting independent, highly manoeuvrable fighting in isolated areas, transition in a short time from one form of warfare to another, rapid changing directions and areas of action, implementation of concentration and dispersal.

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