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Tank Troops

The Tank Troops are the Arm and the main strike force of the Land Force. They are mainly used in conjunction with the Motorised Rifle Troops in the main areas and perform the following tasks:

in defence – on direct support of the Motorised Rifle Troops in repelling the enemy’s offensive and application of counter-attacks and counter-strikes;
in offence – on delivering powerful cleave strikes deeply, developing success, defeating the enemy in meeting engagements and battles.

The basis of the Tank Troops is composed of tank brigades and tank battalions of motorised rifle brigades having high resistance to the damaging factors of nuclear weapons, firepower, high mobility and manoeuvrability. It is able to make full use of the results of fire (nuclear) destruction of the enemy and in a short time to achieve the ultimate goals of the combat and operation.

Combat capabilities of tank formations and subunits enable them to lead active combat operations, day and night, in a significant isolation from other troops, to smash the enemy in meeting engagements and battles, on the move to overcome the extensive areas of contamination, to force water barriers, as well as to quickly build a solid defence and successfully resist the attack of superior forces of the enemy.

Further development and increase of the combat capabilities of the Tank Troops are carried out mainly at the expense of its framing with more advanced types of tanks, in which there is the optimal combination of such vital military properties as high firepower, manoeuvrability and reliable protection. In improving the organizational forms the main efforts are focused on giving them the combined-arms nature, what to the utmost suits the content of modern operations (combat actions).

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