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26.10.2020 (11:30) The air defense duty forces of the Black Sea Fleet held an exercise to cover the basing point from a missile strike Air defense crews of the ships escorted and destroyed air targets with anti-aircraft missile weapons designed for air defense of ships from all means of air attack.
23.10.2020 (12:45) The Black Sea Fleet mine defense ship "Ivan Antonov" conducted an exercise with a detachment of large landing ships During the exercise, the crew of the mine defense ship completed the tasks of conducting mine reconnaissance and making a passage in the minefields of a mock enemy for a detachment of ships consisting of three LLS.
22.10.2020 (16:38) Anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov completes a business call to Greece During their three days in the port of Piraeus, the North Sea residents replenished their supplies of water, fuel and food.
13.10.2020 (09:05) The patrol ship "Dmitry Rogachev" and the small missile ship "Orekhovo-Zuyevo" of the Black Sea Fleet conducted a joint air defense exercise at sea As part of their missions at sea, the ships received a task to repel the air attack means of a mock enemy.
07.10.2020 (08:47) Frigate Admiral Grigorovich destroyed a mock enemy ship with Caliber missile system during the exercise The exercise on the use of high-precision weapons in the Black Sea was held in accordance with the combat training plan of the naval forces.
06.10.2020 (13:15) Military personnel of the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Black Sea Fleet returned to the PDP after participating in the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" During the exercise at the Kapustin Yar training ground, more than 20 pieces of equipment, including eight "Osa" anti-aircraft missile systems and about 50 soldiers of the regiment practiced practical actions with missile strikes.
06.10.2020 (12:50) Air defense specialists of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet repelled an air strike of a mock enemy During the exercise at the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan region, military personnel worked out the destruction of mock enemy aircraft with the "Strela-10" anti-aircraft missile system and the "Tunguska" anti-aircraft missile and gun system.
30.09.2020 (13:54) The crew of the Black Sea Fleet frigate "Admiral Makarov" conducted air defense training in the Mediterranean sea During the training, the ship's crew of the combat information post detected and classified the conditional target, and the air defense crews destroyed the approaching "plane" before entering the target range with electronic launches of anti-aircraft missiles.
25.09.2020 (09:15) Russian and Iranian sailors held a joint sea search and rescue exercise during the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" Also during the exercise, rescuers worked out the task of rescuing personnel from the sunken ship with first aid to the victims.
24.09.2020 (19:15) Ships of the Caspian flotilla and the Iranian Navy destroyed the naval forces of the IAF in the framework of the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" with artillery fire During the maneuvers, the determination of installations for firing from artillery guns and target designation were carried out by onboard radio-technical weapons systems of ships and coastal observation stations of the Caspian Flotilla.
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