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17.01.2020 (10:00) Navy minesweeper "Valentin Pikul" of the Black Sea Fleet conducted artillery fire in the sea The minesweeper's crews hit sea targets that mimic an enemy ship and a floating sea mine, and then worked out actions on repelling an air attack.
16.01.2020 (16:24) The newest minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivan Antonov" passes the Black sea Straits The minesweeper will be part of the permanent force of the Navy in the Mediterranean.
13.01.2020 (16:15) A large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" began to pass the Bosphorus The passage of the strait zone will be completed by Russian sailors tomorrow morning and will continue to perform the tasks of the campaign in the Mediterranean sea.
13.01.2020 (15:23) Northern Fleet's missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" entered the Mediterrenian sea Within several days the ship will continue to work according to the plan of a distant campaign and to show the Andreevsky flag in the region.
13.01.2020 (14:28) The Baltic Fleet will host the all-army stage of the contest "Seaborne assault-2020» Seven teams from the Navy, airborne troops, Ryazan highest airborne command and far Eastern higher combined arms command schools will take part in the competition.
13.01.2020 (12:16) The Black Sea Fleet held a planned exercise to search for and detect a mock enemy submarine During the exercise, the crew of the SAS "Kasimov" worked out the algorithm of actions for detecting and tracking the submarine, as well as performed a set of ship training exercises on bombing and the use of torpedo weapons.
11.01.2020 (01:00) Oceanographic research vessel of the Russian Navy "Admiral Vladimirsky" called the port of Rio de Janeiro The ship's crew, members of the expedition and cadets of the Navigator-hydrographic faculty of the Naval Institute will visit the sights of the city.
10.01.2020 (06:00) The "Admiral Vladimirsky" oceanographic research vessel of the Russian Navy will make a business call in Rio de Janeiro today The conditions of the ship's passage across the Atlantic differed in the complexity of hydrometeorological conditions.
09.01.2020 (18:28) The Russian Defence Minister spoke at the conference "Russian Navy in the XXI century" in Sevastopol In his speech, army General Sergei Shoigu noted that the Navy has always been a symbol of a strong Russian state and an important component of national security.
23.12.2019 (12:35) The Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Makarov is returning to Sevastopol As part of the Russian Navy group, the crew of the ship took part in a number of exercises together with the naval forces of the Mediterranean States.
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