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29.04.2019 (11:28) Joint Sea 2019 Russian-Chinese bilateral naval exercise kicks off in China's port of Qingdao It was attended by Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy Aleksandr Vitko and Deputy Commander of the PLA Navy Vice Admiral Ding Yiping who supervise the drills.
23.04.2019 (12:41) Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Grigorovich joins Russian task force in Mediterranean Earlier, the ship made a planned transition from Sevastopol to the Mediterranean Sea, during which she performed a number of naval combat exercises at sea training zones of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
23.04.2019 (11:00) Black Sea Fleet warships train at night in Mediterranean Sea Their crews practised one of the elements of stealth navigation, in which the ships were in contact with each other in radio blackout.
16.04.2019 (16:17) Open Water 2019 preliminaries kicks off at Baltic Fleet Their participants will remove debris and mine-explosive barriers, pave the way for vehicles and military equipment, and finally build a crossing over the water.
16.04.2019 (15:10) Northern Fleet amphibious ships to practise minelaying operations in Barents Sea Large amphibious ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Georgiy Pobedonosets will also train to defend the detachment by gunfire from attacks of small high-speed boats.
16.04.2019 (10:33) Pacific Fleet Commander meets Royal Thai Navy officers Admiral Sergei Avakyants emphasised that the Pacific Fleet was pleased to meet their Thai colleagues and would do everything possible so that the guest have the best impression of this visit.
16.04.2019 (07:21) Thai Navy seamen pay tribute to Pacific Fleet sailors fallen in battles for the country Deputy commander the Primorye Flotilla Rear Admiral Valery Kazakov and commander of the Royal Thai Navy detachment Real Admiral Chanin Phadunkin took part in the event.
16.04.2019 (07:17) Pacific Fleet detachment makes a call at Vietnam As part of the visit, the Russian seamen are going to meet with representatives of the 4th 4th Regional Command and Command of the Naval Fleet. They will also lay wreaths to the Cam Ranh Monument.
16.04.2019 (04:30) Missile cruiser Varyag conducts shooting in Sea of Japan The ship conducted artillery shooting from AK-130 130-mm gun at a towed sea shield in the Peter the Great Gulf.
14.04.2019 (07:50) Royal Thai Navy warships come to Vladivostok for the first time in 15 years As a part of the visit the wide-ranging cultural program is prepared for the guests: football and volleyball friendly matches, ships open to residents and guests of Vladivostok.
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