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12.11.2019 (12:11) Caspian Flotilla Marines sum up results of training year In particular, as part of the airborne training, servicemen performed more than 2,000 parachute jumps, including on limited landing sites in the mountains and on the water surface.
06.11.2019 (14:34) Perekop Baltic Fleet's training ship completes visit to Cambodian port and heads for the Indian ocean There are more than 100 cadets of the Pacific Higher Naval School, undergoing naval practice, on board.
06.11.2019 (14:11) Missile cruiser closes on Null Island in the Atlantic ocean This is the name of the place where the prime meridian and the equator cross.
05.11.2019 (17:01) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet made a business call in the port of Piraeus The main purpose of the visit is to replenish supplies, demonstrate the St. Andrew's flag, maintain international cooperation and short-term rest of personnel on the shore.
05.11.2019 (16:00) Northern Fleet auxiliary vessels call at Cape Verde Rescue tug "SB-406" and the medium sea tanker "Vyazma", accompanying the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" in a long campaign, completed a business call to the port of Praia and went to the Atlantic ocean.
01.11.2019 (14:00) Baltic Fleet repair barge arrives to the Mediterranean Sea The crew of "PM-82" for six months to ensure the technical readiness of ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, performing tasks in the region.
22.10.2019 (14:03) Ships of the Caspian Flotilla returned to their bases after launching cruise missiles in the Caspian sea Their crews will replenish stocks of material means, will carry out service of arms, ship systems and mechanisms.
22.10.2019 (09:42) Patrol ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Vasily Bykov" left the Greek port of Pylos During its stay in Pylos, the ship was visited by several hundred residents and visitors of the city, and the provincial administration organized excursions to local sights for the Russian sailors.
21.10.2019 (14:21) Guard ship "Yaroslav Mudry" of the Baltic Fleet made a business call in the port of Limassol The visit plan provides for the replenishment of ship stocks to the required standards. Russian sailors will also have the opportunity to visit local attractions and relax on the shore.
16.10.2019 (10:18) Patrol ship Vasily Bykov, the Black Sea Fleet, enters Mediterranean Sea During the visit to the Greek port of Pylos, the crew of the Russian ship will take part in events dedicated to the 192nd anniversary of the Navarino naval battle.
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