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14.02.2020 (15:38) The Black Sea Fleet search and rescue forces held an exercise at the Novorossiysk naval base The duty forces of the search and rescue team of the naval base were sent to assist the ship in distress, the role of which was performed by one of the tugs of the naval base.
11.02.2020 (00:38) The Commander of the Royal Navy Thailand Admiral Luechai Reddit visited Military educational and scientific center of the Russian Navy in St. Petersburg During the meeting, the parties noted the intensification of Russian-Thai naval cooperation and discussed measures to be implemented jointly in the current year, 2020.
10.02.2020 (13:30) The Commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy and the Commander of the Royal Thai Navy discussed issues of naval cooperation During the meeting in Saint-Petersburg Admiral Nikolai Evmenov and Admiral Luechai Reddit also considered activities for joint implementation in the current year.
05.02.2020 (11:00) The military personnel of the Caspian Flotilla started preparing for the International Army Games 2020 Currently, competitions are being held to determine the best military personnel to participate in the competitions "Sea Cup", "Depth" and "Seaborne Assault", which will be held this summer at the international level in the period from August 23 to September 5.
01.02.2020 (19:34) A detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet entered the North sea This morning, the North Sea Fleet passed the narrowest part of the English channel-the Pas – de-Calais Strait.
30.01.2020 (16:33) The Black Sea Fleet frigate "Admiral Essen" made a business call in the Cyprus port of Limassol As part of the call, the ship will replenish its supplies, and the crew will take excursions to historical places of the city as a rest.
30.01.2020 (14:33) The Black Sea Fleet minesweeper "Valentin Pikul" returns from the Mediterranean sea The ship's crew passes the Black sea Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus.
30.01.2020 (12:44) The first coastal missile system (CMS) "Bal" entered service with the Caspian Flotilla (CF) CMS "Bal" is intended for shore defence of places of permanent deployment of ships that provide security in the Caspian sea and land units of the CF.
27.01.2020 (16:11) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet in the Gulf of Aden assisted the crew of a foreign yacht After making sure that the travelers can safely continue the ocean crossing, the crew of the tugboat "Viktor Konetsky" continued the exercise program.
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