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03.02.2015 (12:01) Another regiment of AA defence systems S-400 Triumf will be deployed on Kamchatka Allocation of these systems on the Kamchatka peninsula will make it possible to provide air defence of the facilities and materiel of the Pacific Fleet including missile-carrying nuclear submarines in Vilyuchinsk.
03.02.2015 (12:00) The Caspian Flotilla will take part in the Southern MD large-scale multi-service exercise The Black Sea Fleet aviation and the Southern MD motorized infantry units will also take part in the exercise.
02.02.2015 (15:10) The Baltic Sea Fleet Air Defence servicemen staved off imaginary enemy air strike Within the exercise imaginary enemy made air strikes with 4 targets per minute frequency. The S-300 air defense missile system crews’ operating was complicated because of electronic warfare.
02.02.2015 (13:30) Military ice-breaker ships supply safety operating of the Pacific Ocean Fleet submarines and ships located on Kamchatka Ice-breaker ships Susanin and Sadko and estuary tugs of Bogorodskoe Lake, Ilichev’s, Malaya Lagernaya and Krashennikov’s bays cut away ice floes in order to let ships get under their ways.
02.02.2015 (08:31) The Russian Navy mine-clearing forces will be equipped with first new generation ship, built with the use of composite material The nonmagnetic hull main advantage is the high strength, which raise the ship survivability in mine-clearing maritime operations.
31.01.2015 (06:41) The contract servicemen attend survivability training course held in the Crimea Servicemen, whose units are located in Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan and Maikop, are also involved in the training.
29.01.2015 (12:31) The Baltic Sea Fleet guard ship Jaroslav the Wise has left the port of Tartus During the long campaign this ship passed 23000 nautical miles and visited about 10 foreign sea ports.
29.01.2015 (09:27) The Northern Sea Fleet marines started the modern APC BTR-82AM practice The BTR-82AM exceeds firing capabilities of the previous vehicles. It is armed with the 30mm automatic coaxial gun with 7.62mm PKTM machine gun.
28.01.2015 (07:50) The Baltic Sea Fleet crews prepare to get under way More than 50 ships, including “Nastoychivy”, “Steregushy”, “Soobrazitelny”, “Stoiky” and “Boiky” are involved in the training.
28.01.2015 (07:30) The Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance servicemen started training at the Daryal training ground to be ready to operate in mountainous districts During two months reconnaissance servicemen will be training to pass hillsides, taluses, water barriers, glaciers and different ravines, to conduct reconnaissance and to handle weapons in mountains.
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