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19.03.2015 (05:05) Black Sea Fleet ship formations started their training practice Jointly with the naval aviation, the “Pytliviy” guard ship and small-sized antisubmarine ships “Suzdalets” and “Aleksandrovets” have performed search for imaginary enemy submarines.
18.03.2015 (16:55) Baltic Fleet corvette “Soobrazitelniy” repelled the attack of the imaginary enemy The target was an anti-ship cruise missile launched from R-257 missile ship. It was destroyed by the “Redut” naval air defense complex.
18.03.2015 (15:05) Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has inspected the readiness of the Russian strategic naval nuclear forces General of the Army Valery Gerasimov visited one of the strategic nuclear underwater missile cruisers in Gadzhievo where he inspected the crew actions within the combat readiness inspection.
18.03.2015 (12:20) Black Sea warships left bases within the strategic command-and-staff training Strike, rescue and mine defence formations of the Black Sea Fleet practice search and destroying imaginary enemy warships and submarines as well as minesweeping.
18.03.2015 (09:30) Russian Navy exposition at the “Army-2015” forum is aimed at showing the main prospects of the Navy development The scientific discussion agenda includes such items as development of ship and air-based underwater weapons, new generation of ship power plants.
18.03.2015 (08:30) Baltic Fleet warships left their permanent bases to perform training tasks The formations include corvettes of project 20380, diesel-electric submarines, small-sized missile and antisubmarine ships, minesweepers, missile motor boats as well as support ships.
18.03.2015 (07:00) Black Sea Fleet Marine formation was put on full combat alert All the activities are carried out in conditions which are close to real combat using special means of imitation.
18.03.2015 (06:00) Tactical strike group of surface ships start to practice crew activities during the sea battle with imaginary enemy strike forces During the active phase the ship formations will carry out different firings at the assigned zones.
17.03.2015 (20:39) Combined-arms units involved in surprise combat readiness inspection have been redeployed into the designated areas In particular, the units of two Arctic brigades deployed in Pechenga and Alacurtti are completing equipping sites in the training areas and carrying out engineering reconnaissance.
17.03.2015 (15:34) Young pilots of the Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation practice intercepting and destroying imaginary enemy in the sky over Kamchatka Apart from that, they practice the instrument flying without observing the horizon, direction finding and navigation in the clouds.
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