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24.02.2015 (11:42) Marines of the Pacific Fleet have passed a special training course in the Underwater Troops training centre on Kamchatka Exercises were conducted at the training facilities where ship departments are imitated. “Black berets” emergency groups have worked out the procedures of hull breaches elimination with water pumping.
20.02.2015 (16:30) Coastal troops of the Northern Fleet have performed grounding trainings During the training exercises equipment wheeled and tracked combat vehicles: armored personnel carriers, multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicles and all-terrain trucks.
19.02.2015 (15:00) “Baltic assault” photo show takes place in Kaliningrad The photo show prepared by the journalists of the “Strazh Baltiki” newspaper describes the large-scale assault exercise of troops and forces of the Baltic Fleet.
18.02.2015 (15:10) Guard ship Yaroslav the Wise comes back At the guard ship is passing the Sound, the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits which connect the Northern Sea with the Baltic Sea.
18.02.2015 (10:31) Raptor and Grachonok modern motor boats were involved in the training in Novorossiysk In the course of the training servicemen practiced detection and apprehension of the imaginary enemy and ensuring security of the civilian ships at the Novorossiysk commercial port.
17.02.2015 (15:15) On the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day the opening ceremony of the photography exhibition “Fotovzglyad-2015” will take place on Kamchatka On the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day the opening ceremony of the photography exhibition “Fotovzglyad-2015” will take place in the Museum of Military Glory.
17.02.2015 (14:10) Two modern corvettes will be laid down on February 20 These corvettes will be equipped with unique strike, anti-air and anti-submarine weapons which will make them capable to operate in any modern sea battle.
17.02.2015 (11:02) The Northern Fleet aviation practice night operating The Ka-27 crews of the Northern Fleet conducted night training missions concerning detection and track of the imaginary enemy submarines.
17.02.2015 (09:30) The Baltiysk Military Naval Institute is equipped with the Regel modern simulator The simulator is designed to practice maritime mission navigation security and allows simulating mission performance in any weather conditions.
16.02.2015 (14:28) The Black Sea Fleet ships performed combat practicing in the Mediterranean Targets were deployed in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. Firing was performed by Ladny missile frigate and Yamal large landing ship.
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