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16.03.2015 (14:27) The Black Sea Naval High Military School named by Admiral P. Nakhimov prepare to participate in the Military Parade commemorated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory The preparation stage is supposed to end up to March 20 and 200 cadets of the School will arrive in Moscow to continue training.
16.03.2015 (13:02) Crew of Dagestan missile ship to practice elements of naval battle The training is conducted in the course of the second special track task. Servicemen will have to confirm readiness to perform tasks.
13.03.2015 (18:22) Black Sea Fleet servicemen to participate in the first anniversary celebration of reunification of the Crimea and Russia In the course of the festive events the Black Sea Fleet servicemen will walk through the streets of Simferopol and Sevastopol singing marching songs.
13.03.2015 (17:02) Baltic Fleet marines practice airborne operations Servicemen will be dropped from An-26 aircrafts. It is supposed to conduct six airborne operations a day.
12.03.2015 (13:30) Search and emergency rescue service of the Russian Navy being equipped with modern underwater vehicles This was stated by Russian Navy search and emergency rescue service ? rank captain Damir Shaikhutdinov.
10.03.2015 (16:50) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects Southern MD troops During his visit to the Crimea Sergei Shoigu debriefed the report of the Black Sea Fleet Commander concerning the combat readiness of the Fleet, the creation of a new combined arms group of forces and the organization of necessary infrastructure for new ships.
10.03.2015 (13:07) The Baltic Sea Fleet Coastal troops reconnaissance men practice operating behind the imaginary enemy lines In the course of the field training servicemen practice reconnaissance patrolling, setting ambushes and sweeps, making imaginary enemy communications ineffective.
06.03.2015 (23:50) Deputy Defence Minister Ruslan Tsalikov inspected the construction of coastal facilities of the Northern Fleet The main attention was attached to the quayside, stocks and arsenals which necessary for exploitation and maintenance purposes of the new-generation submarines received within the State Defence Order.
06.03.2015 (08:40) Northern Fleet arctic brigade to receive unique snow and swamp-going vehicles TTM-4902PS-10 is a modular off-road vehicle with a reliable diesel engine, automatic transmission and simple controls.
04.03.2015 (10:12) The Northern Fleet small anti-submarine ship Brest conducted firing exercise in the Barents Sea In the course of the artillery firing exercise AK-176 and AK-630 batteries’ crews successfully performed fighting against the imaginary enemy ship.
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