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28.01.2015 (07:50) The Baltic Sea Fleet crews prepare to get under way More than 50 ships, including “Nastoychivy”, “Steregushy”, “Soobrazitelny”, “Stoiky” and “Boiky” are involved in the training.
28.01.2015 (07:30) The Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance servicemen started training at the Daryal training ground to be ready to operate in mountainous districts During two months reconnaissance servicemen will be training to pass hillsides, taluses, water barriers, glaciers and different ravines, to conduct reconnaissance and to handle weapons in mountains.
28.01.2015 (07:02) The Caspian Sea Fleet will be equipped with modern motor boats Project 23370 is the base platform. Depending on installed equipment it could be used for diving, search-and-rescue and fire-fighter.
26.01.2015 (10:09) Commemorated to the 70th anniversary of the Yalta Conference memorial event will be held at the Black Sea Saksky airdrome The re-enactment for the allies delegations’ meeting will be held at the airport, where landed airplanes of the Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.
26.01.2015 (07:41) The Northern Fleet arctic brigade will be equipped with the high off-road performance vehicles The brigade will be equipped with more than 100 wheeled and tracked vehicles during 2015. The vehicles are suitable to be operated in the Arctic Circle.
24.01.2015 (08:54) The major anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» will celebrate the frigate’s anniversary in the Red Sea The Northern Fleet major anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» performs its maritime traffic security task in the Red Sea area.
23.01.2015 (07:57) Crews of helicopters of BF Air Force train to land onto the ship deck In the Baltic Sea water area the Ka-27 helicopters crews of the Baltic Fleet Air Force performed more than 30 landings to the deck of the «Soobrazitelny» corvette, which was in drift and in motion.
22.01.2015 (07:45) The Caspian Fleet held a flood control and fire safety exercise The “Makhachkala” small gunnery ship crew successfully performed all flood control and fire safety training tasks.
21.01.2015 (05:50) Caspian Fleet is getting ready for the training Crews are training to prepare the ship for campaign and fight, for conducting fight for survivability at the mooring, anti-sabotage defence in bases for the stationing.
20.01.2015 (16:00) Anti-submarine helicopters crews of the Northern Fleet fulfill skills of submarines searching. Sea pilots improve their skills of passing of the set course over the featureless terrain; perform flight tasks for crew’s coordination and obtaining the access for piloting in bad weather conditions.
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