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30.01.2020 (12:44) The first coastal missile system (CMS) "Bal" entered service with the Caspian Flotilla (CF) CMS "Bal" is intended for shore defence of places of permanent deployment of ships that provide security in the Caspian sea and land units of the CF.
27.01.2020 (16:11) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet in the Gulf of Aden assisted the crew of a foreign yacht After making sure that the travelers can safely continue the ocean crossing, the crew of the tugboat "Viktor Konetsky" continued the exercise program.
23.01.2020 (14:42) Black Sea Fleet small-size missile ship Vyshny Volochek trains use of missile weapons The training took place at the permanent deployment centre of the Black Sea Fleet in accordance with the combat training plan.
23.01.2020 (12:23) Young pilots on the Su-30SM and Su-24M of the Black Sea Fleet's naval aviation worked out takeoffs and landings in difficult weather conditions During scheduled training flights, each crew completed 10 takeoffs and landings in low cloud conditions and strong crosswinds.
22.01.2020 (13:31) Russian-Japanese anti-piracy exercise successfully completed in the Arabian sea The joint anti-piracy exercise between Russia and Japan ended in the Arabian sea. The sailors of both countries have fully worked out all the episodes of the exercise provided for by the joint plan.
17.01.2020 (10:00) Navy minesweeper "Valentin Pikul" of the Black Sea Fleet conducted artillery fire in the sea The minesweeper's crews hit sea targets that mimic an enemy ship and a floating sea mine, and then worked out actions on repelling an air attack.
16.01.2020 (16:24) The newest minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivan Antonov" passes the Black sea Straits The minesweeper will be part of the permanent force of the Navy in the Mediterranean.
13.01.2020 (16:15) A large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" began to pass the Bosphorus The passage of the strait zone will be completed by Russian sailors tomorrow morning and will continue to perform the tasks of the campaign in the Mediterranean sea.
13.01.2020 (15:23) Northern Fleet's missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" entered the Mediterrenian sea Within several days the ship will continue to work according to the plan of a distant campaign and to show the Andreevsky flag in the region.
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