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28.04.2020 (03:41) Marshal Gelovani Pacific Fleet Hydrographic vessel completes visit to Australia Since the departure of the HV Marshal Gelovani from Vladivostok, the ship has passed more than 7 thousand nautical miles and made a call at the Indonesian port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta.
27.04.2020 (15:14) The Caspian Flotilla held an exercise to evacuate the crew of an ship in distress During the exercise, the sailors also worked out the skills of equipping themselves with special rescue wetsuits that can maintain a body temperature for a long time when they are in cold water.
25.04.2020 (20:10) The opening ceremony of the square of Russian sailors and the installation of the bust of the Saint Admiral Fyodor Ushakov 7 years ago took place in the Italian city of Messina, Sicily The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, instructed the leadership of the Military Training and Research Center of the Navy to conduct thematic military-historical classes in naval educational institutions that are dedicated to this event.
17.04.2020 (15:05) Small-sizq missile ships of the Northern Fleet conducted artillery firing during exercise in the Barents Sea The crews completed an artillery battle with mock enemy ships at medium and long ranges, and also fired at simulated aerial targets.
07.04.2020 (11:25) The oceanographic research vessel of the Russian Navy "Admiral Vladimirsky" has arrived in the Durville sea Further oceanographic studies will be conducted to clarify the location of the South Magnetic Pole.
02.04.2020 (13:46) Baltic Fleet сorvettes Steregushchiy and Soobrazitelny complete training anti-submarine missions at sea In addition, their crews organized interaction and communication between the ships conducted joint maneuvers, as well as intra-ship training on NBC protection as well as damage control.
01.04.2020 (06:00) Pacific Fleet detachment left Vladivostok for a long-distance voyage During the campaign, the warships in the tactical group will work out practical actions for their intended purpose, conduct a number of exercises and training.
31.03.2020 (13:54) Baltic Fleet's floating workshop completes tasks in the Mediterranean sea From November 2019 to March 2020, the ship provided maintenance services to Russian Navy ships operating in the far operational zone.
20.03.2020 (07:04) Corvettes of the Pacific Fleet "Sovershenniy" and "Gromkiy" worked out at sea to launch a missile attack on a mock enemy The day before, in Peter the Great Bay, the corvette crews, each operating in their own sector of the range, worked out the entire algorithm for performing a combat exercise, except for the actual launch of the "Uran" cruise missile complex.
18.03.2020 (13:39) The hydrographic vessel of the Pacific Fleet "Marshal Gelovani" arrived for an unofficial visit to Indonesia The vessel, under the general direction of the head of the Pacific Oceanographic Expedition, captain of 2nd rank Alexander Vinogradov, has been performing long-distance cruising to the coast of Antarctica since March 3.
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