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03.08.2020 (15:06) Under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, the Ocean Shield 2020 naval exercise is being held in the Baltic Sea More than 30 ships of various classes, naval aviation, coastal troops, air defence and marines are involved in the exercises.
29.07.2020 (16:52) Combat crews of Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (AMGS) of the tactical group of the Northern Fleet fired on the Arctic island of Kotelny In addition, during the exercise, the servicemen practiced the standards for loading missile and cannon armament of the Pantsir-S1 AMGS, deploying the complexes from the traveling position to the combat one.
29.07.2020 (15:40) Issues of ensuring the survivability of the ships of the Navy will be the subject of discussion at ARMY 2020 forum Leading scientists from research institutes, as well as representatives of design bureaus and enterprises participating in the implementation of the Military Shipbuilding Program will take part in the round table event.
29.07.2020 (10:40) The branch of the Patriot park in Sevastopol is preparing for Army 2020 military-technical forum In preparation for the Forum, work is underway to improve sites for static and dynamic display of equipment, as well as for places for expositions of forum participants at the Yuzhny airfield.
28.07.2020 (19:28) Prospects for the development of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles in the interests of the Russian Navy will be discussed at the Army 2020 Forum The organizer of the round table is the Military training and research center of the Navy " Kuznetsov Naval Academy" (VUNC of the Navy "VMA").
28.07.2020 (11:30) Air defence exercise in the Mediterranean Sea was conducted with the crew of the frigate Admiral Makarov of the Black Sea Fleet According to the plan of the event, the duty shift of the frigate's air defenсe detected a simulated enemy aircraft approaching the ship, after which the servicemen performed actions to repel air attack weapons.
28.07.2020 (06:40) In the Sea of Japan, large anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet and naval aviation used missiles, torpedoes and depth charges against mock enemy submarine The ship search and strike detachment consisting of the large anti-submarine ships Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs in cooperation with anti-submarine Il-38 aircraft and a Ka-27PL helicopter carried out a search for a mock enemy submarine in a given area
21.07.2020 (14:46) By order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, the newest frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" has been accepted into the Navy The ceremony of receiving the ship and raising the St. Andrew's flag on it took place on the Neva roadstead, where the ship came to participate in the Main Naval Parade.
21.07.2020 (06:00) Forces of the Baltic fleet conducted a training exercise on the landing of marine troops on the unequipped coast In total, the exercise involved about 10 surface ships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic fleet, more than 40 units of combat equipment of the marine corps and engineering units of the fleet, as well as about 500 military personnel.
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