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29.03.2019 (10:04) Major amphibious ships of the Black Sea Fleet return back to home stations after the drills The ships participated in the exercise jointly with airborne units, where they practised loading and unloading of personnel and military equipment on the unequipped coast, and also carried out artillery firing at naval and coastal targets.
27.03.2019 (01:00) Russian Navy and PLA Navy to hold Joint Sea 2019 naval drills in late April On March 25, representatives of the both countries started to hold joint consultations on preparing for the training episodes - coastal and naval.
25.03.2019 (17:40) Northern Fleet marines train for Seaborne Assault contest During the training they practised the most difficult element of the competition - amphibious assault training: the drivers of the BTR-82A armored personnel carriers will master their skills in operating the combat vehicle afloat in the area of Guba Gryaznaya, Kola Bay.
21.03.2019 (14:08) Black Sea frigate Admiral Gorshkov enters Red Sea The passage of the Northern Fleet detachment along the canal took several hours, during which the main task was to ensure the safe maneuvering of the frigate and auxiliary vessel.
21.03.2019 (12:52) Anti-aircraft gunners of three fleets practice firing from the Pantsir S1 complexes The fire missions were solved within the framework of the inter-fleet stage of the Keys to the Sky contest, which this year is held on the basis of the Baltic Fleet.
18.03.2019 (15:00) Iran hosts Depth 2019 International Diving Contest Its participants will compete in underwater orienteering with the use of a compass, assistance to a confused diver and first aid, search and lifting of a sunken product, underwater welding, cutting.
12.03.2019 (23:43) Northern Fleet divers make a record metal cutting during the Depth 2019 contest The record of the competition was set by the divers of the Northern Fleet, performing a continuous cut of metal 5mm thick 88 cm long.
12.03.2019 (17:09) Nuclear-powered submarine Knyaz Vladimir is now ready to perform tasks at sea As Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Commander of the Northern Fleet, reported to Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, this was possible thanks to a new approach to crew training, which was parallel to the factory and state trails of the submarine cruiser.
12.03.2019 (14:42) Nuclear submarines Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan to join the Russian Navy by the end of 2019 It was announced by Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu during the session of shipbuilding in Severodvinsk.
01.03.2019 (09:45) Black Sea Fleet hosts Depth 2019 all-army competition During the competition, divers will show their skills in welding, assisting an emergency surface ship and the first medical aid to a drowned man, supporting the life of a submarine in distress and also during the work in the closed space.
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