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11.12.2020 (15:40) The frigate Admiral Gorshkov performed another test firing with a hypersonic missile Zircon in the White Sea According to objective control data, the cruise missile successfully hit a coastal target located at a distance of over 350 km. The rocket flight speed was more than 8 Mach.
07.12.2020 (14:00) The crews of the Su-30SM and Su-24M naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet performed combat training flights in the sky over the Crimea During the training flights, the pilots worked out simple and complex flight tasks from medium and low altitudes, taking into account the overcoming of air defence equipment of the mock enemy.
04.12.2020 (13:30) The crew of the small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" completed training for the battle and campaign At the base, the Caspian sailors passed the standards for detecting, capturing an air target, performing conditional firing from AK-630 artillery installations and using other air defense weapons.
03.12.2020 (08:30) A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships completed a visit to Sri Lanka During the period of parking, the ships of the Pacific Fleet replenished their water and fuel reserves to full standards.
01.12.2020 (17:30) The repair barge of the Baltic Fleet went to the Mediterranean Sea The crew of PM-82 for four months to ensure the technical readiness of ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, performing tasks in the region.
01.12.2020 (14:15) Ships of the Black Sea Fleet begin new training year in the Mediterranean In total, more than 10 ships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet are currently in the Mediterranean, including the frigate "Admiral Essen" and the small missile ship Vyshny Volochek.
01.12.2020 (12:00) In the new training year, the ships of the Baltic Fleet will carry out long voyages to the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions Today, in the formations and military units of the Baltic Fleet, on the occasion of the beginning of a new training period, solemn formations took place, the raising of St. Andrew's flags and flags of coloring.
01.12.2020 (09:15) Small missile ship Ingushetia of the Black Sea Fleet returns from the Mediterranean Sea After passing through the Black Sea straits, the crew of the Ingushetia will practice a complex of naval exercises in the Black Sea as part of routine combat training in a new training period.
27.11.2020 (07:30) IL-38 aircraft crews of the Pacific Fleet worked out a group search for a submarine of a mock enemy In addition, anti-submarine aviation pilots honed their piloting in tight formation and the co-ordination of air-crews.
26.11.2020 (15:54) The frigate Admiral Gorshkov performs test missile firing in the White Sea According to objective control data, the Circon hypersonic anti-ship missile successfully hit a sea target at a distance of 450 km.
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