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20.01.2015 (07:01)

The Su-24 bomber crews of the Baltic Sea Fleet Air Force train in-flight refueling

Pilots of a bombing aviation squadron of the Baltic Sea Fleet Air Force carry out flights with in-flight refueling training over Kaliningrad region.

During flights Su-24M bombers crews carry out air refueling from the air tanker Il-78. Flights are carried out day and night.

At the first stage single refueling is held, and then pilots carry the most difficult element out — refueling in couples, when the air tanker refuels two aircraft simultaneously.

These flights are the most difficult of flight training. Warplanes at a speed of 550 km/h approach the air tanker Il-78 on a distance of 10 m and make contact with a cone sensor to pour fuel.

Refueling takes place at the height of 4-5 thousand meters. Only experienced experts, who have to observe the speed and height during flight carefully, are allowed to carry this element out.

The night refueling is complicated by the use of the additional lighting established both on Il-78 and on the aircraft being refueled.

Opportunity to be refueled in the air considerably expands the radius of action of planes, allowing them to work both in operational and tactical depth, and in the areas which are at a great distance from airbases. 

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