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20.01.2015 (07:29)

MASS «Severomorsk» supplies safety of civil navigation in the water area of the Gulf of Aden

The crew of the major anti-submarine ship (MASS) «Severomorsk» of the Northern Fleet (NF) started escort of the vessel «Salamet» under the flag of Panama along the corridor of safety from the Arabian Sea through the Gulf of Aden in the allocated point of the Red Sea along a route more than 1000 nautical miles long.

Earlier in the water area of the Arabian Sea the meeting with a destroyer of the Japan Navy «Harusam» took place. During a meeting onboard MASS «Severomorsk» seamen of both countries discussed questions touching conducting of escorts, and also shared experience in safety of civil navigation. Representatives of the Russian MASS also visited the Japanese ship.

The distant campaign of MASS «Severomorsk» began on November 20, 2014 with an exit from the main base of Northern Fleet — Severomorsk. During this time seamen passed about 10 thousand nautical miles, having overcome part of distance in the conditions of a stormy sea, made business calling Salalah port (Oman) during which the crew filled up ship stocks and visited local sights.

Main goal of the campaign of MASS «Severomorsk» — ensuring naval presence of Russia in operative and important regions of the global ocean, and also safety of sea navigation and other types of sea economic activity of the Russian Federation.

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