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28.01.2019 (15:46)

Tank crews of Baltic Fleet master firing skills on the eve of Tank Biathlon contest

Tank crews of a motorized rifle formation from the army corps of the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad region have begun to perform combat shooting exercises at one of the fleet training grounds as part of training for the Tank Biathlon.

To control the results of firing, they are performed in close cooperation with a unit of unmanned aerial vehicles.

More than 200 servicemen and about 20 pieces of armaments are involved in combat training.

Crews are firing from guns of T-72B tanks at emerging and moving targets imitating moving armored vehicles, anti-tank grenade launchers and recoilless artillery at distances from 300 to 2,000 m.

Driver operate combat vehicles in rough terrain crossing natural obstacles, as well as anti-tank ditches and barriers.

The Baltic Fleet will host the Tank Biathlon contest in spring. Crews that have demonstrated the best results will go to represent the fleet in competitions among tank crews of the Western Military District.

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