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14.02.2019 (15:35)

Confident Reception preliminaries kick off at Baltic Fleet

Signal Troops of the Baltic Fleet, the Confident Reception qualifying stage has kicked off.

During the stage, the signal units will practise tasks aimed at improving the level of professional training and testing the combat capabilities of modern communication equipment in conditions close to combat ones.

Military personnel of signal troops and information signal units participate in the competition.

The servicemen will demonstrate their professional skills at command posts, antenna modules, command post vehicles and radio relay stations.

During the competitions, the main attention will be attached to setting radio systems, deployment signal equipment, operation in extreme conditions. All tasks will be practiced by signalmen in the conditions of radio interference from the mock enemy.

In total, there are more than 300 troops and over 50 pieces of military and special hardware invloved in the event.

The competition is held as part of preparing for the International Army Games 2019.

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