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02.10.2019 (04:31)

Pacific Fleet servicemen land airborne troops within joint exercise of Marine brigades in Kamchatka

In Kamchatka, during the bilateral brigade exercise of the Pacific Fleet Marine, the task of capturing the airfield of the mock enemy was practiced.

As part of the event, the Marines worked on landing from An-26 aircraft, capturing and holding the airfield of the mock enemy.

According to the exercise plan, the military personnel of one of the battalions of the Primorsky Marine formation in several groups landed by parachute method near the important airfield of the mock enemy. The Marines destroyed the airfield guards, secured their positions and defended the object until the main forces arrived.  

At this stage of the exercise, 1,700 marines and over 200 pieces of military and special hardware, as well as 5 transport aircraft of the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation, were involved.

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