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27.01.2020 (16:11)

A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet in the Gulf of Aden assisted the crew of a foreign yacht

On January 21, the crew of the sea tug "Viktor Konetsky" in the Gulf of Aden provided technical assistance, eliminating a malfunction in the power supply system on a foreign catamaran yacht (home port-port Avatiu (Сook Islands) with four New Zealand citizens on board. 

 The patrol ship "Yaroslav Murdiy" of the Baltic Fleet received a signal from the crew of a foreign yacht while working out the program of an international Russian-Japanese exercise in the Gulf of Aden. The yachtsmen asked for help due to a technical malfunction.

After assessing the situation, the commander of the detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet, captain of the 1 rank Alexander Mashinetsky, decided to send a sea tug "Viktor Konetsky"to help the yacht. The tug, coming to a safe distance, sent a group on a speed boat to the ship in distress, which identified a fault in the yacht's electrical system. Then the specialists on the sea tug made a special fuse that corresponds to the strength of the electric current in the yacht's network and installed it, thereby returning the sailboat's course. In addition, at the request of the yacht's captain, the Baltic sailors shared 100 liters of fresh water with the New Zealanders.

After making sure that the travelers can safely continue the ocean crossing, the crew of the tugboat "Viktor Konetsky" continued the exercise program.

It is worth noting that the entire operation to assist the New Zealand sailors took two hours.

According to the plan of the long-range campaign, a detachment of warships of the Baltic Fleet continues to counteract pirates in the Indian ocean.

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