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01.02.2020 (19:34)

A detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet entered the North sea

A detachment of ships and vessels of the Northern Fleet led by the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov", completing the tasks of the long-range campaign, entered the North sea. This morning, the North Sea Fleet passed the narrowest part of the English channel-the Pas – de-Calais Strait.

Earlier, Russian sailors replenished ship stocks and conducted exercises on anti-submarine and sabotage defense of ships and vessels when parked on an unprotected roadstead in the Gulf of Seine, and during the passage of the Bay of Biscay, they worked out a number of anti-submarine tasks.

The missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov", the medium sea tanker" Vyazma " and the rescue tug SB-406 are heading to permanent bases on the Kola Peninsula. Their arrival is expected in a week.

For reference:

Long-range cruise of the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" and support vessels: the "Vyazma" tanker and the SB-406 tug continue from July 3. Initially, they arrived to Kronstadt to participate the Main Naval Parade. After the parade, the crews of the cruiser and support vessels were involved in the exercise of the Russian Navy "Ocean shield-2019". The Northern Fleet sailors then operated in the Mediterranean sea for two months, where they conducted a number of exercises and visited Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

In the Atlantic ocean, Russian sailors made business calls at ports in the African States of the Republic of Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa, and at the end of November held the first ever joint Russian-Chinese-South African exercise to ensure the safety of navigation and maritime economic activity. It was attended by the frigates of the People's Liberation Army Navy of China "Weifang" and the South African Navy "Amatola", as well as auxiliary vessels of the South African Navy.

In the first decade of January 2020, the cruiser as the flagship took part in a joint exercise of the Northern and Black Sea Fleets of Russia on the Black sea. Vladimir Putin, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, was observing the exercise from the command post on Board.

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