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05.02.2020 (11:00)

The military personnel of the Caspian Flotilla started preparing for the International Army Games 2020

Qualifying events for the International Army Games 2020 have started in ship formations and military units of the Caspian Flotilla (CF) in Astrakhan and Dagestan.

At the moment, the CF holds competitions to determine the best military personnel to participate in the competitions "Sea Cup", "Depth" and "Seaborne Assault", which will be held this summer at the international level in the period from August 23 to September 5.

Competitions are held at coastal ranges in Dagestan, bases of permanent deployment of ships and in sea ranges of the Caspian sea.  Among the participants of the crews of ships, marine corps units and diving specialists, the best military personnel will be identified for participation in the competitions "Sea Cup", "Seaborne Assault" and "Depth".

To do this, the crews of the ships will demonstrate their skills in setting and shooting the ship from the anchor, fighting for the ship's survivability and saving people who are afloat, as well as in combat shooting from artillery systems at a floating mine, a target shield and an air target.

Marines compete in high-speed driving of armored personnel carriers on a special track, following the results of overcoming various obstacles and meeting the standards for loading (unloading) of a combat vehicle on an amphibious landing vehicle, the most accurate in shooting at target positions that simulate various goals will be determined.

Divers and underwater swimmers of the CF will determine the best in the course of competitions in swimming with flippers at a distance of 200 meters, overcoming underwater obstacle courses, navigating under water using special navigation devices and systems, searching for and lifting sunken objects, as well as in underwater welding and cutting using special equipment.

In total, about 600 servicemen of the Caspian Flotilla take part in the qualifying stages of Army Games 2020, 3 small artillery ships and more than 50 units of military and special equipment are involved. For the entertainment of games, the complexity of tracks and jury requirements has been increased, new elements have been introduced, and some tests have been combined together.

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