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20.03.2020 (07:04)

Corvettes of the Pacific Fleet "Sovershenniy" and "Gromkiy" worked out at sea to launch a missile attack on a mock enemy

The crews of the Pacific Fleet corvettes "Sovershenniy" and "Gromkiy" in the course of working out the sea elements of the K-2 course task (actions of a single ship at sea for its intended purpose) in practice improved the organization of a missile strike on surface targets of a mock enemy.

The day before, in Peter the Great Bay, the corvette crews, each operating in their own sector of the range, worked out the entire algorithm for performing a combat exercise, except for the actual launch of the "Uran" cruise missile complex. The actions of the ships were provided by the large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev".

Later, the Corvette "Gromkiy" took on Board an anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27PL, and then the helicopter performed about 5 takeoffs and landings on the deck of the ship.

Pacific Fleet
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