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17.04.2020 (15:05)

Small-sizq missile ships of the Northern Fleet conducted artillery firing during exercise in the Barents Sea

With the crews of the small-size missile ships Aisberg and Rassvet of the Kola Flotilla of the Northern Fleet, exercise were conducted at coastal training grounds of the fleet in the Barents Sea.

As part of the naval strike group, the crews performed an artillery battle with mock enemy ships at medium and long ranges, and also fired at simulated aerial targets, acting on the introductory: repelling a surprise attack by enemy bombers and assault aircraft.

In addition to practicing of artillery tasks, the crews of the ships perfomed the production of passive electronic jamming and false targets to counter the enemy’s high-precision missile weapons.

The combat exercise took place in a complex hydrometeorological situation. The artillery firing area was closed to shipping and aviation.

After completing the missions of combat training, the small icebergs Aisberg and Rassvet returned to their main base in the Kola Bay - the city of military glory Polyarny.

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