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25.04.2020 (20:10)

The opening ceremony of the square of Russian sailors and the installation of the bust of the Saint Admiral Fyodor Ushakov 7 years ago took place in the Italian city of Messina, Sicily

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov instructed the Military Training and Research Center of the Navy to conduct a thematic military history classes at the naval schools, which is dedicated to the 7th anniversary from the date of opening in the Sicilian town of Messina (Italy) square of Russian sailors and of the bust of Admiral Ushakov.

Largo dei marinari russi (Russian sailors ' square) - that is the name given to the square at the intersection of three central streets of Messina. Back in 1908, the inhabitants of Messina decided to put up a monument to Russian sailors of the Midshipmen's detachment as part of the battleships "Tsesarevich", "Slava", cruisers "Admiral Makarov", "Bogatyr", but the First World War prevented it.

 The monument was made and installed in Messina only in 2012. This is a tribute to the memory of Russian sailors who participated in the rescue of the city's population and the elimination of the consequences of the earthquake in the Strait of Messina in 1908. The monument to Russian sailors, at the suggestion of the Italians, was called the "Monument to the heroes of mercy and self-sacrifice". It depicts sailors rescuing a woman with a small child from the ruins. The monument has an inscription in two languages: "To Russian sailors-heroes of mercy and self-sacrifice". And below: "Grateful descendants and residents of Messina".

In the process of this project, the head of the province of Messina and the city hall decided to name the site where the monument is installed, the square of Russian sailors. The Foundation of St. Andrew and the Center of National Glory also initiated the installation of a bust of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, who in 1799 led the Russian fleet in the south of Italy in the fight against the French occupation army. During the same period  Northern Italy was liberated by the troops of Alexander Suvorov. Near the square of Russian sailors, the orthodox community has established a chapel of St. Nicholas. . 

On the day of the opening of the Russian sailor's square 7 years ago, a large landing ship of the Russian Navy "Azov" arrived in Messina. At the same time the Russian delegation   signed  Agreement between Lomonosov Moscow State University and the University of Messina on the establishment of a Russian language testing center on the basis of the department of Slavic languages. And it became the first such center in the south of Italy.

Every district of Messina has the streets named after Russian sailors: "Russian sailors street", "street of Russian sailors-heroes of 1908", "street of Russian sailors of the Baltic squadron".

Speaking about the importance of military glory of the Russian Navy, associated with the salvation by the Russian squadron of the inhabitants of Messina, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov drew the attention of the Military Training and Research Center of the Navy to use in working with students, materials of the Central Naval Museum, which have been prepared in 2018 to mark the 110th anniversary of the rescue by Russian sailors of the inhabitants of Messina, and are currently in the collections of the Museum.

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