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17.05.2020 (23:30)

Marines of the Northern fleet are preparing for the competitions of professional skills "Seaborne Assault" and "Sniper Frontier"

The Northern fleet marine brigade continues to prepare teams for the "Seaborne Assault" and "Sniper Frontier" professional skill competitions.

According to the results of the qualifying stages, the most prepared marines were determined, who will go to defend the honor of the fleet at all-army competitions. In the process of combat training, they improve professional skills that will help them in the fight for prizes.

Crews of BTR-82A armored personnel carriers will take part in the "Seaborne Assault" competitions, and "Sniper Frontier" - a group of snipers.

At the training ground, marines pass an obstacle course with elements of a psychological lane. The BTR-82A crews practice driving and performing a course of shooting from BTR-82A weapons, RPG-7, large-caliber machine guns at targets that mimic the technique of a mock enemy.

Snipers practice in shooting with SVD sniper rifles. They also improve their skills in disguise, equipping firing positions and identifying targets among the mock enemy's manpower and quickly defeating them.

Training of marine corps teams takes place as planned, regardless of weather conditions. All military personnel are prepared to participate in the all-army stage of professional skill competitions. A total of 20 teams from the coast and land forces of the Northern fleet have been fielded to participate in the all-army competitions of the Army International Games in 2020.

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