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29.06.2020 (07:23)

Diesel submarine of the Pacific fleet in the Japan sea held a torpedo firing at a group of ships of mock enemy

In accordance with the combat training plan, a tactical exercise was conducted in the waters of Japan sea, during which one of the diesel submarines of the Primorskaya flotilla of the mixed forces of the Pacific fleet attacked a detachment of ships of the mock enemy.

The submarine, despite the active actions of anti-submarine forces, managed to enter the area covertly, find the ships that imitated the landing party and successfully attack the tactical group from a vantage point with four practical torpedoes.

In the second half of the day, the ship's anti-submarine strike group (ASSG) consisting of the small anti-submarine ships "Koreets", "Sovetskaya Gavan" and "MPK-221", whose actions were provided by the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft, was tasked with detecting and destroying a mock enemy submarine.

In the course of joint search operations, the boat was discovered and anti-submarine strike group (ASSG) ships attacked it with jet depth charges and torpedoes.

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