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29.06.2020 (13:21)

Su-30SM and Su-24M crews in the Kaliningrad region conduct in-flight aircraft refueling

As part of scheduled training flights, the crews of the Su-30SM and Su-24 aircraft of the Baltic Fleet air force formation started to practice refueling in the air from the IL-78 tanker aircraft in the sky over the Kaliningrad Oblast.

More than 10 aircraft were involved in the the complex element of flight exercise. The air refueling is performed by a single aircraft as well as by a pair of aircraft.

Air refueling is one of the most complicated types of flight exercises. The 1st and 2nd class pilots whose flight experience is more than 400 hours are allowed to perform in-flight refueling,

The training of crews for refueling in the air requires, if necessary, to relocate aviation units to distant airfields by a non-stop method as well. It is enough to airlift along the route a refueling aircraft to ensure a long-distance flight.

Such elements of flight training of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation crews are performed on a regular basis.

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