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21.07.2020 (06:00)

Forces of the Baltic fleet conducted a training exercise on the landing of marine troops on the unequipped coast

As part of a large-scale sudden check of combat readiness, which is taking place in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, an exercise on the landing of marine troops on an unequipped coast was held in the Kaliningrad region at the "Khmelevka" training ground.

In total, the exercise involved about 10 surface ships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic fleet, more than 40 units of combat equipment of the marine corps and engineering units of the fleet, as well as about 500 military personnel.

To assist the marine landing force in breaking through the coast defenses, Ka-27PS helicopters landed barrier groups of marine engineering units on the coastline, which made anti-mine passes, providing safe routes for the movement of marine equipment from the sea.  In addition, Mi-8 helicopters landed several assault groups of marines, who engaged in a training battle with a mock enemy on the beach, before the main marine landing forces arrived.

The landing was made from a large landing ship "Kaliningrad", a small landing ship on a hovercraft "Eugene Kocheshkov", as well as from landing boats on an air cavern of the "Diugon" type.

More than 20 BTR-82A armored personnel carriers with personnel from the marine corps ' amphibious assault companies landed with fire support from naval aircraft and helicopters, as well as the Baltic fleet's ship strike group consisting of corvettes, small anti-submarine ships, small missile ships and boats.

During the exercise, marine units worked out tasks to break through the anti-amphibious defense of a mock enemy from the sea.

Marines of the Baltic fleet, among other formations and units of the fleet, were alerted as part of the combat readiness check, which takes place in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It involves the troops and forces of the Southern Military District, parts of the military administration and troops of the Western Military District, formations of airborne troops, as well as formations and military units of the Navy's marine corps.

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