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26.07.2020 (12:00)

On the Day of the Russian Navy on the roadstead of the Syrian port of Tartous, a parade of warships and support vessels that are part of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea took place

The parade included modern Russian Navy warships - Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine Novorossiysk, frigate Admiral Makarov, sea minesweeper Vice-Admiral Zakharyin and tug SB-36. Anti-sabotage boats of Raptor and Grachonok type took part in individual elements of the military sports festival.

The ceremonial events in the territorial waters of Syria began with a bypass of the parade formation of the Russian Navy ships, decorated with colored flags and lined up in a wake line on the outer roadstead of the port of Tartous, receiving the parade - the commander of the grouping of troops (forces) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic, Lieutenant General Alexander Chaiko and the parade commander - Captain 1st Rank Sergei Tronev.

After inspection of ships and the arrival of the commander of the Russian Armed Forces grouping in the SAR and the commander of the parade on the frigate Admiral Makarov, a solemn ceremony of rewarding sailors for distinction in military service and exemplary performance of military duty took place on board the ship.

The air part of the military sports festival was opened by the flight of transport and attack helicopters of naval and army aviation - Ka-27PS, Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-35. In addition to helicopters, front-line bombers Su-24, multifunctional aircraft Su-34 and Su-35, early warning aircraft A-50, transport aircraft An-26 and An- 72 of Russian Aerospace Forces.  

As part of the naval part of the military sports festival, Russian sailors demonstrated episodes of the landing and seizure of the coast by the Russian Navy Marine Corps to the guests and residents of the city of Tartous.

In total, 9 warships, boats and support vessels of the Russian Navy, 14 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces and naval aviation of the Russian Navy, as well as two missile boats of the Syrian Navy took part in the festive events.

Мастера артиллерийского огня / Masters of artillery fire
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