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17.08.2020 (19:14)

The guests of the ARMY 2020 Forum in Kronstadt will be able to see the power of the Western MD boats

The Raptor patrol boat and the Nakhimovets anti-sabotage boat will demonstrate the conduct of amphibious assault training at a dynamic display of the latest weapons and military equipment during the ARMY 2020 international military-technical forum, which will be held in Kronstadt from August 27 to August 29.

As part of it, a dynamic demonstration will take place, in which a corvette, small missile and anti-submarine ships, diving, landing, anti-sabotage, fire and rescue boats, and hydrographic ships will take part.

The static display will feature samples of equipment from the air defence forces, missile forces, special forces, and military police. Visitors will find expositions on the Tambov Komsomolets museum ship and the Restless destroyer, the only in Russia and the world's largest museum of bathyscaphes, the Era of Hydrocosmos.

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