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07.10.2020 (08:47)

Frigate Admiral Grigorovich destroyed a mock enemy ship with Caliber missile system during the exercise

The crew of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich conducted a ship exercise on the use of the Caliber-NK missile system against a mock enemy ship in the Black Sea.

According to the plan of the exercise, the ship's crew of the combat information post detected and classified the mock target at sea as a mock enemy ship, following a course on the coast of the Crimean peninsula. The frigate commander received an order to approach the mock enemy to force him to change course.

During the rendezvous, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich was conditionally attacked by the mock enemy who used missile weapons. The frigate's air defence crews repelled a missile attack using the Shtil-1 air defence system.

Then the personnel of the frigate's missile warhead made target allocation and conditionally destroyed a mock enemy ship with the Kalibr-NK high-precision missile system. The actual use of missiles was not carried out, the launches were carried out electronically.

The exercise on the use of high-precision weapons in the Black Sea was held in accordance with the combat training plan of the naval forces.

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