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29.10.2020 (18:00)

Russian specialists of the NBC protection disinfected the premises and the adjacent territory of the Abkhazian State University

Russian specialists of the nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection troops, who arrived in the Republic of Abkhazia to help prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, disinfected the premises and adjacent territory of the Abkhazian State University.

Military personnel of the NBCP combined detachment of the Black Sea Fleet conducted measures to disinfect the building and roads of the University. In total, the military processed more than 65 thousand square meters of various surfaces, buildings, premises and roads adjacent to the University.

30 military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet's NBC protection unit take part in the processing activities, 11 NBC protection vehicles are involved — these are mobile aerosol disinfection complexes, ARS-14M auto-filling stations with DKV-1K degassing, decontamination and disinfection kits, TMS-65U heat engines, hot mist generators and DK-4 special treatment kits. Russian military specialists also work on public roads.

Work is underway for the ninth day in a row. In total, during the stay of Russian military personnel in Abkhazia, more than 500 thousand square meters of various surfaces in crowded areas and public roads were disinfected.

For reference:

A column of 11 special NBCP vehicles of the Black Sea Fleet made a march from the Crimean Peninsula to the Republic of Abkhazia. During the movement, the column covered more than 800 kilometers. The combined unit consists of about 30 military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet's NBC protection unit. Before the start of the movement on October 17, the personnel inspected equipment, medical equipment and protective equipment, and all military personnel were examined.

In the shortest possible time, the NBC protection units deployed a temporary vehicle fleet and special treatment points for equipment involved in disinfection. Then, together with the medical specialists of the Republic of Abkhazia, they assessed the scope of the upcoming work and started performing disinfection measures.

Earlier in April of this year, the combined NBCP detachment of the Black Sea Fleet's already took part in disinfection on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
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