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10.11.2020 (14:45)

The crews of naval aviation ship helicopters of the Baltic Fleet practiced landing on the decks of the corvettes "Boykiy" and "Steregushchy"

In the Baltic Sea, the crews of the Ka-27 anti-submarine and search-and-rescue helicopters of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation practiced landing on the decks of the Boykiy and Steregushchy corvettes. During the exercise, the pilots of Ka-27 anti-submarine and search-and-rescue helicopters made more than 30 landings on the ship while drifting and on the move, some of them in the night.

Night flights have a special place in the helicopter crew training program. Each pilot must have the skills to control a helicopter in conditions of limited visibility, when it is necessary to complete a flight task, to carry out safe take-off and landing on the deck of the ship, guided exclusively by instruments.

Working out the interaction between the ship's crew and flight personnel is one of the elements of the professional training of sailors and pilots. Landing on a ship is the most difficult type of training for naval aviation personnel. First, the pilots make airfield flights, then cross-country flights, and only after that they are allowed to land on the ship.

In the framework of training flights, in addition to landing on the deck, the helicopter pilots worked out tactical techniques for searching and tracking submarines of the mock enemy. In addition, helicopter pilots conducted overflights of the ships in order to check its radio equipment, air defense systems, communications and aviation control systems.

Press Service of the Western Military District
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