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21.12.2020 (13:15)

The crew of the nuclear-powered submarine Vladimir Monomakh, which successfully launched Bulava missiles, was solemnly welcomed in Kamchatka

The nuclear-powered attack submarine of the Pacific fleet Vladimir Monomakh has returned to its base in Kamchatka.

Immediately after the mooring, a solemn rally was organized. Deputy commander of the submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet Rear Admiral Valery Varfolomeev congratulated the submariners on the successful completion of their missions, wished them success in combat training and, by tradition, handed the submarine commander, Captain 1st Rank Dmitry Logunov, a fried pig.

The submariners who distinguished themselves during the campaign were awarded departmental awards.

On December 12, 2020, the nuclear-powered submarine K-551 "Vladimir Monomakh" underwater from the Sea of Okhotsk successfully performed practical missile firing with the launch of four missiles.

Bulava ballistic missiles were fired for the first time in the Pacific Fleet.

Press Service of the Eastern Military District
Navy , Eastern Military District
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