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28.12.2020 (18:00)

Corvette Stoikiy of the Baltic Fleet practiced the search and destruction of a mock enemy submarine in the Atlantic

The Corvette Stoikiy of the Baltic Fleet, performing the tasks of a long-range voyage, has completed the task of finding, detecting and destroying a mock enemy submarine in the Atlantic.

In cooperation with the Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopter, the corvette crew worked out joint anti-submarine actions - they conducted an exercise to search, detect, maintain contact and track, as well as counter a simulated enemy submarine using an anti-submarine weapon system.

As part of combat training during the passage by sea, the crew also conducted training in repelling an enemy air attack from various heights and directions with the implementation of conditional firing with air defence means.

A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet consisting of the Stoikiy corvette, the Kola medium tanker and the Yakov Grebelsky sea tug left the main fleet base - Baltiysk - on December 16.

The main objective of the voyage is to provide a naval presence and demonstration of the St. Andrew's flag in various areas of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.

Information Activities Office of the Baltic region (Kaliningrad)
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