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11.02.2021 (11:15)

A detachment of ships of the Russian Navy arrived in Pakistan to participate in the multinational naval exercise "Aman-2021"

Today, a detachment of ships of the Russian Navy entered the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and then moored in the port of Karachi – the main naval base of the Pakistani Navy.

At the invitation of the Pakistani side, from February 12 to 16, Russian sailors will take part in the multinational naval exercise "Aman-2021", which will be held in the Arabian Sea.

After the detachment of ships entered the port, Alexander Khozin, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Karachi, arrived on board the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" to greet the sailors on their arrival at the "Aman-2021" exercise.

During the first stage of the exercise, from February 12 to 14, the Russian side will take part in the coastal phase of the exercise, which includes planning conferences to agree on the order of interaction and organization of communication. It is also planned that representatives of the Russian Navy delegation will participate in the 9th International Maritime Conference. The naval phase of the exercise "Aman-2021" will be held in the period from 15 to 16 February.

The objectives of the "Aman-2021" exercise are to strengthen and develop military cooperation between the countries participating in the maneuvers in the interests of security and stability at sea, as well as to exchange experience between military sailors in repelling the threats of maritime piracy in areas of heavy shipping.

It is planned that in addition to the Russian Navy and the Pakistani Navy, ships from five other countries will be involved in the "Aman-2021" exercise. More than 30 foreign military delegations will observe the exercise.

The Russian Navy is represented by the ships of the Black Sea Fleet - the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich", the patrol ship "Dmitry Rogachev" and the rescue tug SB-739, a marine corps unit, a mine clearance unit and a sea-based deck helicopter.

The naval exercise "Aman-2021", held in the waters of the Arabian Sea, is a non-block exercise. All countries participating in the naval exercises take part in the exercise independently (at the invitation of the Pakistani side).

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