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Coastal Missile-and-Artillery Troops

The Coastal Missile-and-Artillery Troops (CMATs) are an Arm of the Navy’s Coastal Troops. Their strength is composed of missile units equipped with ground stationary and mobile missile systems, as well as coastal artillery subunits.

Designed to destroy surface ships, amphibious units and enemy convoys, to cover stationing sites, the Navy’s shore facilities, coastwise sea lines and forces, which operate in seaside areas. In addition, they can be involved for destroying stationing sites  and ports of the enemy.

The CMATs trace their history back to the artillery of seaside  fortresses and shore batteries of the Russian Navy. Before missile weapons’ advent the basis of defending the seashore and the Navy’s basing areas was presented by coastal artillery, which was the main combat means of coastal defence. In 1958, it was transformed into the CMATs, which became an Arm of the Navy. In October 1989, the CMATs together with the Marine Infantry and the Coastal Defenсe Troops entered the newly created Arm – the Navy’s Coastal Troops.

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