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Submarine Forces

The Submarine Forces are the Service Arm of the Navy, which includes strategic missile nuclear-powered submarines, general purpose nuclear-powered submarines and diesel-electric (non-nuclear-powered) submarines.

The main tasks of the Submarine Forces are as follows: defeating important enemy ground facilities, searching and destroying enemy submarines, aircraft carriers n and other surface ships, landing units, convoys, single transports (vessels) at sea; reconnaissance, the strike force’s targeting and target data transmission to it, destroying off-shore oil and gas facilities, landing special reconnaissance groups (units) on the coast of the enemy, mine laying and others. As for their organisation, the Submarine Forces consist of tactical formations, which are subordinated to commanders of associations of submarines and commanders of associations of all-arms forces of the Fleets.

Unlike the other Service Arms of the Navy the Submarine Forces as the naval strike force have a number of properties that determine their advantage in warfare at sea: operations security, the ability to conduct combat operations in all areas of the oceans, the ability to deliver powerful nuclear missile strikes on militarily sensitive facilities of the enemy and make the best of conducting combat operations against surface warships, submarines, transport ships and vessels of the enemy. They have the ability to operate under the ice of the Arctic basin and the low dependence on meteorological conditions in the area of combat operations.

Тhe submarine forces as an integral part of the Navy also operate a number of important tasks to ensure the national interests of the Russian Federation in the oceans: preservation of sovereignty in internal sea waters, territorial sea, on the bottom and in the interior, implementation of the jurisdiction and protection of sovereign rights in the exclusive economic zone for exploration, exploitation and conservation of natural resources, whether living or inanimate, located at the seabed, in the interior and the superjacent waters, protection of sovereign rights over the continental shelf of the Russian Federation for exploration and exploitation of its resources, protection of freedom of the high seas, including freedom of navigation, flights, fishing, scientific research, protection of the territories of the Russian Federation from the sea, protection and security of the State Sea Border of the Russian Federation.

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