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09.04.2015 (16:08) The number of contract servicemen in the Strategic Missile Troops will double by 2018 Today the contingents of the Missile Troops is more than 16 thousand servicemen that are serving as operators of missile launching vehicles, technicians, crew leaders, platoon leaders.
07.04.2015 (13:17) Strategic Missile Forces being inspected after the winter period Combat readiness, training, combat alert mission organization, moral and psychological condition of servicemen, terrorism countermeasures and other activities of the Strategic Missile Forces will be inspected.
02.04.2015 (16:35) Strategic Missile Forces are getting prepared for military and technical Forum “Army-2015” In particular, autonomous launching unit, combat duty support vehicle, combat anti-sabotage vehicle “Typhoon-M” will be offered to visitors.
02.04.2015 (13:05) The Military Academy of Strategic Missile Troops is taking part in the 18th Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon “Archimedes-2015” More than 20 exhibits that demonstrate modern approaches, innovative technologies and inventions in various fields of science will be displayed at the university’s exhibition stand.
01.04.2015 (14:19) Servicemen of the Yasny Strategic Missile Forces formation repelled attack of the imaginary enemy sabotage-reconnaissance groups in course of exercise Modern security systems enabled to detect the “imaginary enemy” at far approaches to the borders of military facilities and to neutralize them.
31.03.2015 (12:09) More than 3500 servicemen participating in exercise with Orenburg missile formation In the course of the exercise, tactical episodes are including unit withdrawal from their permanent disposition to the field areas and accomplishment of the assigned tasks in conditions of emergency.
30.03.2015 (13:18) A complex inspection of the Orenburg missile formation was launched in the Strategic Missile Troops The personnel of the missile army conducts combat alert duty with RS-12M “Topol” and RS-20 “Voevoda” missile systems.
26.03.2015 (08:04) Crews of the Strategic Missile Forces performed the RS-20B missile launch The launch was performed within the conversion program which provides liquidation of outdated intercontinental missiles by launching and arrival to the near-earth orbit.
10.03.2015 (16:14) Two Strategic Missile Forces formations hold command and staff trainings The trainings involve command centres of formations and units as well as logistical supply units of totally 2 000 servicemen and 100 military vehicles.
25.02.2015 (12:50) “Yars” mobile missile systems to perform long-distance march During the 400-km march the mechanized column of the parade unit of the Teykovsky missile formation will cover over 100 dangerous areas, including 50 difficult corners, bridges and railway-crossings.
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