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23.06.2018 (17:16) Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces holds 186th Graduation Ceremony Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergei Karayev and other guests of honor attended the ceremony.
21.06.2018 (18:32) Strategic Missile Forces to determine best combat launching teams Along with theoretical training, the main emphasis will be made on practical drills aimed at assessing skills in performing combat alert tasks.
20.06.2018 (22:58) Women's crew of NBC-intelligence cross extreme route at Pesochnoye international range Women successfully passed an obstacle complex course, competed in shooting against the clock at targets with change of a firing position for the first time.
20.06.2018 (22:52) Safe Environment all-army stage to gather spectators from 25 countries The competition includes about 20 standards for driving, firing training and NBC protection.
19.06.2018 (20:42) About 300 servicemen conduct intensive drills on extreme driving For the first time, the participants were able to pass three stages of the competition in one day: Individual Race, Relay Race and Shooting Training.
19.06.2018 (19:54) Сommander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergei Karakaev speaks about participation in ARMY-2018 Forum In total, in 2018, more than 100 new simulators for various purposes are planned to be delivered to the Russian Strategic Missile Forces and military units.
12.06.2018 (16:02) Engineering units of Strategic Missile Forces to receive about 70 modern camouflage and remote mine clearance vehicles until 2020 Besides, engineering units of the Strategic Missile Forces formations are to receive over 300 pieces of engineering equipment up to 2020: obstacle removal vehicles, heavy mechanised bridges, excavators, truck cranes and other engineering means.
08.06.2018 (06:03) Airborne Troops commence Safe Environment finals The competition includes three stages: individual mounted race round a 2,000m loop, relay race and a shooting range.
06.06.2018 (02:00) Topol missile regiment march to field position in Tver Region Topol missile regiment march to field position in Tver Region
26.05.2018 (22:18) SMF units to compete for the right to participate in International Army Games Some 50 servicemen of the Strategic Missiles Forces operating 20 pieces of military and special hardware will be competing at the contest.
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