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26.05.2018 (22:18) SMF units to compete for the right to participate in International Army Games Some 50 servicemen of the Strategic Missiles Forces operating 20 pieces of military and special hardware will be competing at the contest.
17.05.2018 (00:39) Yars launchers of Novosibirsk missile formation move along their patrol routes AVs are to be used to conduct aerial reconnaissance.
10.05.2018 (22:30) Yars autonomous launchers of parade mechanised column return to the Teykovo missile formation The launchers are to march to the permanent stationing point in the city of Teykovo, Ivanovo region, which is situated over 400 km away.
08.05.2018 (23:00) Preparation for the summer training period is being completed in the Strategic Missile Forces At the end of the preparatory period, headquarters of associations will check the readiness of formations and units for the summer period of training.
05.05.2018 (11:56) SMF hold contest among UAV crews Team of the Teykovo missile formation located in the Ivanovo region won the competition.
25.04.2018 (00:05) Safe Environment contest launched in SMF formations More than 200 pieces of special hardware are involved in the competitions.
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