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Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM Topol’

Title Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM Topol’


The road-mobile missile system Topol’ with missile RT-2PM, unparalleled in the world rocket and missile engineering, is designed to destruct all the types of strategic objectives in any situation of combat employment. RT-2PM is the fourth generation’s strategic missile.

Technical performance
Index according to START-1 RS-12M
Technologic index 15Ж58
Design Office (DO) Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology
Chief Designers Aleksandr Nadiradze, Boris Lagutin
Missile's type Intercontinental, three-stage, solid-fuel, monoblock
Launching mode active-reactive (mortar)
Basing mode mobile
Type of launcher road-mobile
Commencement of development 19 July 1977
Flight development tests February 1983 – December 1987
Putting into service 1 December 1988
Maximal distance, kм 11 000
Number of stages, pcs 3
Length of missile, m 21,5
Maximal diameter of missile airframe, m 1,8
Missile launch weight, t 45,1
Mass of payload, kg 1000
Number of warheads, pcs 1
Warhead’s type monoblock
Explosive capacity, Mt 0,55

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