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Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM2 Topol’-M unified for silo and mobile basing modes

Title Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM2 Topol’-M unified for silo and mobile basing modes

The missile RT-2PM2 (RT-2PM1) is referred to the fifth generation of strategic missiles and is designed for two basing modes: the first version – the missile RT-2PM2 in highly hardened silos as the part of the missile system Topol’-M, the second version – the missile RT 2PM1 carried by self-propelled launcher as the part of the road-mobile missile system Topol’-M. The missile has a high immunity to destructive factors of nuclear explosion, a mighty system to overcome enemy missile defence, as well as increased efficacy of using against planned and unplanned targets.

The silo version of the missile is established in the refined silo launchers of missiles UR-100NUTTKh and R-36M.

Technical performance
Technologic index
15Zh65 (15Zh55)
Index according to START-1
 RS-12M2 (RS-12M1)
Chief Designers
Boris Lagutin, Yury Solomonov
Design Office (DO)

Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology
Missile’s type
Intercontinental, three-stage, solid propellant, monoblock )
Basing mode
stationary (mobile)
Commencement of development
February 1993.
Putting into service
28 April 2000 (December 2006) .)
Maximal distance, kм
11 500
Warhead’s type
Number of warheads and their power
1 * 0.5 Mt
Weight, kg
Warhead’s weight, kg
Length, m
Maximal diameter, m
Warranty period, years
The data about the missile’s mobile version are pointed out in parentheses.

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