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Intercontinental ballistic missile R36M2 Voivode

Title Intercontinental ballistic missile R36M2 Voivode

Missile system Voyevoda (Voivode) with missile R-36M2 is designed to defeat strategic targets of all types that are protected by modern means of ballistic missile defence (BMD) in all conditions of combat employment, including in case of the enemy’s multiple nuclear effects against the position area. Missile R-36M2 is the fourth generation’s strategic missile and is currently the world's most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile with the launching weight of 211 t and the payload of over 8 t.

Technical performance
Technology index
Index according to START-1
Design Office (DO)
DO Yuzhnoye (Southern), the city of Dnepropetrovsk
Chief Designer
Vladimir Utkin
Missile's type
Intercontinental, two-stage, liquid-propellant, with MIRV, ampulised
Basing mode
Commencement of development
9 August 1983
Putting into service
11 August 1988
Maximal distance, kм
Warhead’s type
Number of warheads and their power
10*0,55 ... 0,75 Мт
Weight, kg
211 100
Warhead’s weight, kg
Length, m
Maximal diameter, m
Warranty period, years

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