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Orenburg Missile Formation

The 18th Separate Missile Corps with sustaining and support units was formed on the basis of the Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF)’s Directive of 7 July 1965 in the city of Orenburg. Major-General of aviation G.P. Karikh was appointed its Commander.

Three missile divisions and a separate missile regiment formed part of the Corps. The Administration of the 18th Missile Corps was formed by 5 September 1965 and began to control subordinate formations and units. On 27 November 1966 the Orenburg Missile Corps’ Administration with sustaining and support units took up combat duty for the first time.

Since March 1970 Separate Missile Corps have been reorganised into Missile Armies. In June 1970, the Missile Army with its Administration in the city of Orenburg was formed on the basis of the SMF Commander-in-Chief’s Directive. Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant-General I.A. Shevtsov was appointed this Army’s Commander.

At different historical stages the Army’s fighting strength changed depending on development of missile weapons and due to changes in the military-political situation in the world.

The 5th of September, 1965 is considered to be the Day of foundation of the Orenburg Missile Army. The 27th of November, 1966 is the date of taking up combat duty by the Army’s Administration with sustaining and support units for the first time.

Nowadays the Orenburg Missile Army includes 3 missile divisions deployed in the cities of Yasny, Yur′ya and Nizhny Tagil.

The strategic units of the Orenburg Missile Formation are equipped with missile systems Topol′ with intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-12M and Voyevoda with intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-20V for combat duty.

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