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Yoshkar-Ola missile formation (the Kiev-Zhitomir Order of Kutuzov 3rd grade missile division)

The Kiev-Zhitomir Order of Kutuzov 3rd grade missile division was formed on the basis of the 222nd tank destroyer artillery regiment (TDAR).

The 222nd TDAR was formed on 1 February 1942 in the city of Rybinsk (the Yaroslavl? Region), its personnel took the Military Oath on 23 February 1942 and departed for the Front to the area of the Yasnaya Polyana village with the task of preventing the German tanks’ breakthrough to Moscow. The regiment participated in the Kursk Bulge’s battles, including the tank battle near the settlement of Prokhorovka.

For heroic actions in the battle for liberation of Kiev and Zhytomyr the 222nd TDAR was given the honorary titles Kiev and Zhytomyr.

On 12 August 1944 the 222nd TDAR was awarded the Order of Kutuzov 3rd grade for exemplary fulfillment of the command’s tasks during capturing the city of Sambor within the L?vov-Sandomierz operation. The regiment took part in Prague’s liberation. In the same place, in Czechoslovakia, the 222nd TDAR’s operational record was over.

On 25 May 1960, the 201st missile brigade began to be formed on the basis of the 222nd TDAR in the city of Saransk. On 13 May 1961, the 201st missile brigade was re-formed into the missile division with its home station in the city of Yoshkar-Ola.

On 17 April 1961, for keeping the combat traditions and memorizing the 222nd TDAR’s combat services the division was awarded the honorary title The Kiev-Zhytomyr Order of Kutuzov 3rd grade missile division. On 19 March 1962 the division was presented with its Colours.

In the summer of 1972 the whole personnel of the division, free of combat duty, was sent to fight forest fires. For courage, bravery and selflessness 203 servicemen of the division were awarded the Medals For bravery in the fire.

On 4 July 1984 the division was awarded the USSR Defence Minister’s Pennant For courage and military valor for the courage in performing the governmental tasks as well as for the high field training.

In 1985–1995, the division was rearmed with the missile system (MS) Topol?. On 23 July 1985 the SMF’s primary missile regiment (with MSs Topol?) of the Yoshkar-Ola missile formation commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel V.V. Dryomov took up combat duty.

At the ends of 1997 and 2001, the division was acknowledged as the best among the SMF’s mobile divisions. In 2001, the formation was subjected to verification by the RF Armed Forces’ General Staff. According to this verification’s results the status of combat and mobilization readiness of the division was rated as ‘good’. During the verification the military unit 93876’s personnel carried out the 60th training missile launch (rated as ‘good’) since the division’s beginning.

On 5 November 1997 the division was awarded the SMF High Command’s Pennant The best formation with SPLs. Since July 2002, the the division organizationally has been part of the Vladimir Missile Army.

According to the results of the 2006th, 2007th, 2008th and 2011th training years the division was acknowledged as the best SMF’s formation using self-propelled launchers. In August 2010, the personnel of the division was active in fighting forest fires in the territory of the Republic, five servicemen were awarded the Orders of Courage.

On 3 November 2011, at 10:45 a.m. the Yoshkar-Ola formation’s servicemen performed with an excellent mark Topol? intercontinental ballistic missile’s combat training launch from the Plesetsk spaceport. The missile with high accuracy struck a conditional target in the Kura range on the peninsula of Kamchatka. Combat crews did the job with honour, showed high results of training and professionalism.

In different years the division was armed with missile systems using missiles R-16U (from 1969 to 1977), RT-2 (from 1971 to 1980), RS-12 (from 1976 to 1994), and RS-12M (from 1995 up to now).

On 12 February 1962, for the first time the division took up combat duty using missile system 15 P 06Ch, the 1st missile battalion (commanded by Major A.D. Penko) consisting of the 20th and 21st combat missile posts (Major V.A. Chizhikov and Captain M.M. Shchiry), two combat crews of the radiotechnical battalion’s 1st assembly team took up combat duty, too.

This day has gone down in the formation’s history as the Day of the division’s taking up combat duty for the first time and is celebrated every year.

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